Against The Wind

When conditions are ideal you can make much progress. Yet even when conditions are not so favorable there are good and useful things you can do.

It’s always great to have the encouragement, support and assistance of others. But even when you have little or no help you can move forward.

You’re wise to make the best of a good situation. Yet what’s even more powerful is to make the best of a difficult situation.

Sometimes the winds of fate and circumstance are blowing your way, and that’s great. Much of the time, though, you’ll need to make your way against the wind.

Sure, you can claim the powerful headwind as an excuse, and wait for better conditions, an no one will blame you for that. Or you can go forward anyway in the direction you’ve chosen, and make progress in spite of the difficulties.

The situations, events, and people in this world will not always align to push you ahead. Fortunately, that never has to stop you.

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