Keep Pace With Life

Today is one day and tomorrow is another. You don’t have to eat it all, drink it all, say it all, do it all right now.

Do what’s enough and then let it be. Pace yourself, and know you’ll have more opportunities in the days to come.

Live each day as it arrives, not before it appears, not after it is gone. You cheat yourself out of life when you rush ahead of it or linger behind it.

Fill each day with exactly one day’s worth of living. Then do the same with the next day, and the next.

Savor the moments, the sensations, the efforts, the times and experiences with others. Always remember that too much is not preferable to enough.

Give each bit of experience the time, attention, and zeal that it deserves, that you deserve. Keep pace with life and you’ll enjoy all its treasures to the highest degree.

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