Truly And Courageously You

Don’t bother with worrying about what you are expected to want. Dig deep into your awareness and understand what you really do want.

It’s easy to let yourself be told what you should do. Yet life’s richness comes from the freedom and responsibility of deciding for yourself what’s best to do.

You will make mistakes and you will own those mistakes. And by so doing you will also, with considerable effort, follow an authentic way forward.

You know that your purpose is not to check off the boxes on someone else’s list. Your purpose is to create a unique experience of life.

Yes, there is much value you can exchange with others. Yet that value comes from living in truth as you know it, not from blind obedience or imitation in either direction.

Give to all of life the benefit of your unique, authentic perspective. Enrich yourself and all those around you by being truly and courageously you.

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