Osho Inspirational Quotes

Osho Inspirational Quotes

Osho or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was born in 1931 in Central India. He was a charismatic and gifted speaker who became the leader of a worldwide new spiritual movement. It is said that at the age of 21 he attained enlightenment or Samadhi.

At the time he was studying philosophy at the University of Saugar. On receiving a masters degree he taught philosophy at the University of Jabalpur for nine years.

Osho Inspirational Quotes
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As well as teaching philosophy he also began to attract disciples to follow his own eclectic mix of philosophy and religion.

In 1966 he decided to leave his teaching post and give full attention to his role as spiritual Master. In 1974 he moved with his disciples to Pune, India. Here he established a new ashram in a comfortable setting of 6 acres.

In 1980 he was attacked by a Hindu fundamentalist who disagreed with Osho’s unconventional stance on religion and spirituality. It is said that due to police incompetence the assailant was never convicted.

Due to failing health Osho decided to leave India for America where he would be able to receive better medical treatment. His disciples bought a large plot of land near Antelope, Oregon. Here they wished to build a large ashram and other buildings.

There was often friction between the local townspeople and the ashramites. There was a clash of cultures and the local townspeople felt threatened by the influx of devotees. Because of this many building permits were denied.

This led to ashramites trying to get elected directly to the town council. There were also allegations made that followers of Osho were involved in illegal activities such as spreading salmonella in a local restaurant. More seriously there were allegations of Murder made against some followers of Osho.

Two were eventually convicted of the murder of Charles Turner who had tried to close the ranch.

Be realistic : Plan for a miracle.

In 1987 Osho became fearful of investigation by the authorities so he decided to leave the compound in Oregon and went to South Carolina. Here he fell foul of US immigration law. He had arranged false marriages and other violations of immigration laws.

He was given a suspended sentence on the condition that he leave the country. Therefore he reluctantly decided to leave for Puna in India. It was at this time that he decided to change his name from Rajneesh to Osho.
This is said to be a Japanese word for “Master”, although others say Osho comes from the term “oceanic experience” Osho died in 1990, his birth certificate gave a reason of heart failure.

Although some followers alleged poisoning by the U.S, but these allegations had little evidence to support them.

Osho Inspirational Quotes

Happiness happens when you fit with your life, when you fit so harmoniously that whatsoever you are doing is your joy.

Attachment is the root cause of all misery. Possessiveness is nourishment for the ego.

As long as the “I” is there, love cannot be. All that we call love is only desire, longing, passion and attachment; as long as ego is there, all these bind one.

Transcendence means going beyond duality. Attachment means remaining within duality.

Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you. You are the traveler and you are the destination. In experiencing the ecstasy of your own being, you have achieved the final goal.

Comparison is a very foolish attitude, because each person is unique and incomparable. Once this understanding settles in you, jealousy disappears. Each is unique and incomparable.

You are just yourself: nobody has ever been like you, and nobody will ever be like you. And you need not be like anybody else, either. God creates only originals; he does not believe in carbon copies.

Life is a pilgrimage to nowhere, from nowhere to nowhere. And between these two nowheres is the Now-Here.

To be alone is the only real revolution. To accept that you are alone is the greatest transformation that can happen to you.

Meaning is man-created. And because you constantly look for meaning, you start to feel meaninglessness.

Always remember to judge everything by your inner feeling of bliss.

Friendship is the purest love. It is the highest form of Love where nothing is asked for, no condition, where one simply enjoys giving.

Only those who are ready to become nobodies are able to love.

Don't choose. Accept life as it is in its totality. Life is a balance between rest and movement. Fools laugh at others. Wisdom laughs at itself.

Zen is the only religion in the world that teaches sudden enlightenment. It says that enlightenment takes no time, it can happen in a single, split second.

Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You can not be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.

They say: Think twice before you jump. I say: Jump first and then think as much as you want!

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence. Life begins where fear ends.

My meditation is simple. It does not require any complex practices. It is simple. It is singing. It is dancing. It is sitting silently.

The less people know, the more stubbornly they know it.

If you are a parent, open doors to unknown directions to the child so he can explore. Don't make him afraid of the unknown, give him support.

In the space of no-mind, truth descends like light.

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