All you’ve lived

Every day has added some unique measure of richness to your life. Every experience represents value that you have accumulated.

Through the joyful moments and through the difficult times you have grown. You’ve gained knowledge, strength, perspective, friendship, wisdom, faith, persistence, and so much more.

You’ve learned what works well and what doesn’t. You’ve felt pleasure, pain, excitement, disappointment, love, dismay, hope, and inspiration.

It has all added greatly to who you are, to what you can do, and to how much you care. With every experience, every thought, every turn of events, your life increases in value.

Though some hours and efforts might have felt wasted, the entirety of your life is available for you to use right now. And right now, more than ever before, you have a good sense of how and why to make use of all you are.

Remind yourself of the great value embodied in all you’ve lived, in all you continue to be. Keep enabling life to benefit greatly from all the goodness you can give.

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