No Greater Privilege

No greater privilege

You are surrounded by all sorts of future possibilities. You are immersed in various forms of present value.

You are filled with curiosity, passion, ideas, hopes, dreams, preferences, and love. You have the good fortune to possess knowledge, skills, experience, intellect, and awareness.

This is your chance to put it all together. This is your opportunity to fulfill the unique potential that is your life.

Now is when every joy you’ve ever known can join forces with every disappointment to push you forward. You can give new expression to all you care about, all you remember, hope for and imagine.

Open your eyes, open your mind, open your spirit, open your heart. Feel life in its entirety and remind yourself of the spectacular promise you hold in your hands.

Be authentically who you are and embrace fully who you can be. There is no greater privilege and it is yours right now to live.

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