Who You Know You Are

You are not who you think you are. You are who you are.

You are not your job, your address, your opinions, the roles you play. You are the child who looked in wonder and amazement at endless possibilities.

Circumstances and possessions come and go, but you cannot ever lose the beauty of who you truly are. Yet it’s all too easy for life’s externalities to obscure the real you.

You can become trapped by seeing yourself in a few oversimplified dimensions, losing sight of your true nature and your best possibilities. But you cannot be fully described in a few words, or even in ten thousand pictures, and neither can anyone else.

What you have, how you appear, what you think and do, those things do matter. Yet what matters more is the authentic you.

Acknowledge, accept, and align with the ineffable truth living in the deepest part of you. Rather than being bound by hollow definitions, live as who you most sincerely know you are.

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