What to Do When You Catch Your Teenage Love Cheating

Are you a teenager who has recently learned that your boyfriend or girlfriend is or has been cheating on you?  If so, you may be unsure as to how you should proceed.  After all, the adults in your life may tell you to simply just get over it.  But, should you?  Please continue reading on for ways to handle a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend.

One of the first things that you will want to do is bring attention to the problem.  Does your boyfriend or girlfriend know that you know?  If not, let them know.  When doing so, however, be careful.  Do not call them out on their cheating ways in front of the whole school or do so if your partner is known for displaying violent tenancies.  As much as you may want to embarrass your boyfriend or girlfriend, don’t put yourself in danger to do so.

You can end the relationship if you want.  If you have only been dating your boyfriend or girlfriend for a short period of time, it may be in your best interest to simply just end the relationship.  After all, is it really worth the hassle?  Do you always want to be worried about your boyfriend or girlfriend’s wandering eyes?  Although it may be the last thing that you want to hear, it is also important to remember that you are young and that you will be able to find love again.

One of the best steps that you can take, after learning that your boyfriend or girlfriend has been cheating on you, is relying on your friends for support.  A strong friendship is one of the best ways to overcome a breakup or a cheating partner.  Whether you talk to your friends about what had happened to you or if you just hang out like normal, you will want to rely on your friends.  They can help you remember what a great person you are and that life will go on.

It may also be a good idea to rely on your family for support.  Do you have an older brother or sister who you can trust?  If so, talk to them.  Remember, just talking about the whole ordeal may make you feel better.  You may also be able to seek advice.  Although the last thing that you may want to do is talk to your parents, it may be a good idea.  Sometimes there is nothing like a hug from mom or dad or a strong shoulder to cry on, no matter how young or old you are.

Not dwelling on your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend is also advised.  Once you have determined that they did in fact cheat, make a decision.  Do you want to continue the relationship or move on?  Regardless of your decision, do not dwell on it.  If you decide to continue your relationship, keep an eye on your boyfriend or girlfriend, but don’t constantly remind them of their infidelity.  If you decide to move on to a new relationship or no relationship on all, let the experience escape from your mind.  Don’t talk about it and try to not think about it.

Most importantly, get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.  Did you and your partner have sex?  If so, there is always the possibility of getting a sexually transmitted disease, as their likelihood increases with multiple sex partners.  Make sure that you get tested right away.

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