The Difference between Living and Existing by Mr Great Inspiration

The Difference between Living and Existing

Everyone exists. Only a few live.
The Difference between Living and Existing
The Difference between Living and Existing

Existing is a biological phenomenon. We breathe, we eat, we drink, we exert ourselves physically, we assert ourselves mentally. That‟s existence. We are life. We go on. We perform our biological tasks and then we die. That‟s existence.

However, living is a wholly different ballgame. You don‟t live just by breathing or eating or drinking. You live when you show that you have an individuality of your own. When you are able to plan and strategize and do things that refine you as an individual, you live.

We all live to an extent. But the extent of life is different in each of us. This is shown in the quantum of success that each of us receives. By taking our discussion further, we could say that a person who gets more successes in life lives better than someone who gets lesser glories.

So, life isn't an absolute concept. It is relative. It depends on the quality of success you get.

Existence is an absolute concept. Everyone exists. The mathematical value of existence should be 1.
But the mathematical value of living can be anywhere between 0 and 1.

Whether your living is closer to the 0 or the 1 is decided by how you tackle situations in your life. Do you allow things to just happen and go on by your instinct? Or are you opinioned about everything and make rational decisions?

If you actually do things that bring you closer to achievements, you are living and not merely existing.

It is highly important for us to know this difference and to make sure that we live and don‟t just exist.

Remember that dogs, cats and monkeys exist. Humans are meant to live.

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