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If You Are Not Willing To Risk

Quote By: Jim Rohn

Risk and rewards are correlated; we need to decide the level of risk which we are able to take and the size of the rewards we desire. 

The higher the risk, the higher the reward would be. 

If we are unwilling to take the risk, we will sacrifice reward. We all have phases in life when we’re with a choice to involve risk.

The risk is uncertain and unpredictable; we are heading off into uncharted territory. We may face huge criticism or humiliation or maybe we need to give up what we know for what would be. Risk allows us to conquer fears. 

The rewards would be great, so we have to pay the cost for it. 

If we don't step up to the challenge, we may find ourselves living an aimless life. 

By avoiding any kind of risk, we systematically shut down our world, making it smaller and flatter.

A life is a chain of calculated risk. Everything we decide to do have its own percentage of risk in it. 

Certainly, there will no guarantee to get 100 percent certain result, we risk everything and always get a chance to learn new things. 

Life we live is purely dependable on risk we can take that many rewards we would get, a risk may be an opportunity to explore ourselves creativity, acquire new skills, build prestige, maximize horizons and learn a lot. 

And what we learn may lead to an even bigger dream that we couldn't even see before.

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