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5 Ways to Make Success Habits Permanently Ingrained 

What is Habit?

A habit is something you do automatically. In order to be successful, there are certain habits that you need to develop.

1. Identify Your Methododology

First, Decide whether you are trying to break a bad habit or develop a good one. For instance, if you are trying to procrastinate less, you might plan to work an hour long instead, because that habit is easier to develop.

2.  Get Motivated

Unless there is something motivating you, you aren't going to be able to stick with a habit. You should know what is driving your efforts to make a habit stick and what the long-term results could be if you make a habit ingrained.

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3. Make a Plan

If you just trying to develop a habit without some kind of plan in mind, you have a much higher chance of failing. Make sure that you know exactly what you are going to do to develop your habit every step of the way.

4. Tack Your Progress & Adjust When Necessary

You need to see how you are progressing in your development of a new habit so that you can stay motivated and know where problem areas are. Adjust your tactics when something isn't working rather than plowing on because that is a sure fire way to fail

5. Daily for 30 Days

You are trying to develop a habit that you will do automatically, and when you reach that sweet spot, that habit will become effortless

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