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The First Date

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So, you won the chance for a first date with someone. Felicitations! Now, what do you do? What do you do to ensure this date goes well and things hit off between the two of you?

Here are some tips.

The First Date
The First Date

1. Choose a location where both of you would be comfortable. Most people try to impress their first date partners by selecting the most important place on the list. This is not necessary.

First Datte

If you go to a five star restaurant and are more worried about the right way to sit, what fun is there on your first date? Instead, go to a place where you can both be at ease and can just look forward to spending time with each other.

2. At the same time, a little bit of entertainment on your first date can be a good idea, especially if you do not know the other person at all. These things could be icebreakers.

You could go for a bowling date or even a movie date. Discussing the movie at the end of it can be a great conversation starter between the two of you.

3. Do not overdress. It is a very bad impression… you should not look overeager. Be your own casual self, but at the same time, do take the pains to select an elegant everyday dress. Also, if you are used to dressing sexily even on your normal days, avoid that on your first date.

First Date

Do not dress provocatively. That might send the impression that you are only looking for a sexual encounter. Dress what suits you best and what you are most comfortable in.

4. Have great conversation throughout your first date. Let there not be a moment of silence… avoid those awkward pauses. At the same time, there are some things you need to avoid talking about on your first date. Do not talk about the problems in your life.

First Date

You don’t want to saddle a strange person with your job travails. Do not speak about things that they may have a strong opinion about, like the tax system in your state.

Speak on neutral topics, topics that you are sure will be good for conversation and not too polarizing.

5. Most importantly, do not expect too much from the other person on your first date. Do not judge them all the time. They are just as nervous as you are. If you are slipping up, chances are that they are slipping up too.

In fact, you should do your best to make them feel at ease. Avoid those prying looks into their plate to see what they are eating, for example.

6. Pay attention to the date. Do not get distracted. Do not think too much about what food to order, what movie to watch, etc. Your attention should be focused on spending time with the person you are with.

7. When parting, be casual. Do not tell them that you will call them if you won’t. Do not force a second date. Both of you need some time and space to think whether you want to do it again; it is in your best interests.

First Date

Should you kiss on your first date? That definitely depends on how the date went. Was there any chemistry between the two of you?

Keep these things in mind when you are on your first date. You want your first date to be a success if you want the other person to fall in love with you.

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