How to comfort a loved one? by Mr Great Inspiration

How to comfort a loved one?

When one of your friend or family members lost someone near and dear to them, you need to be there for them.

So, here are a few ways for you to be there for them without stepping on any toes or making the conditions worse.

How to comfort a loved one?
How to comfort a loved one?

Bring them out for coffee or dinner or visit them at home. Put your arm around them and tell them how sorry you feel for what has happened. If they start crying, just sit there and listen to them.

Let them cry it all out of the system. Do not say things like there is no use crying, its in the past. That will only make them cry harder! Instead just let them cry it all out while offering them a tissue.

Be genuine with them. Don’t be impatient. If you don’t cry, it’s okay. But do show your concern to them. They need you right now to be there for them. Listen to what they have to say.

Be sympathetic and tactful. Remind the person about all the good times you had with the person. Never remind them about all the bad stuff that happened. Bring forth a funny anecdote which always made them smile about the deceased.

Use physical contact like rubbing their back or giving them a hug. They will feel much better if they are given a hug.

Ask them if there is anything that you could do for them. Asking for requests gives you insight on what you could do to make the person feel better.

Call them up often to see how they are getting on. They will feel better if somebody is constantly checking up on them.

In conclusion, just try to be as kind as you can. They are going through a very difficult period and you need to be understanding and there for them.

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